24/7 Emergency Locksmith in Waterdown

It is also important to consider routine lock changes for security. What does that mean? While many people think nothing of changing their phone numbers, pin numbers or account numbers for security and peace of mind, changing locks for these same purposes is often overlooked. Emergency Locksmith Waterdown provides complete locksmith services for your home, car and office.

If you have rental properties, whether commercial or residential, you may be taking a risk by assuming that you know who has a copy of the keys to that property. When tenants move out and the locks go unchanged, there is a chance that anyone who has a copy of the key may use it. Vendors, co-workers, ex-employees, tenants or even friends and family may have numerous keys to your property. In the time it takes for your tenant to leave, and for you to access the property, others may have already been there. Your insurance may not cover any losses or damages, unfortunately.

Changing old or damaged locks, or even upgrading your existing locks on your property is a very smart move. It not only serves to prevent or discourage break-ins, but it can help avoid possible bodily harm.

A question you may ask yourself is, “How many people have a key to my home?” Ask this same question about your parents’ home, your business, or rental properties. Keys that may be loaned out for short periods, as for a babysitter, plumber, visiting relative, etc. may have spawned several copies of which you are not aware. You do not have any control over keys, once you give them to the trusted person. We do not normally think that someone is having other copies made behind your back, but it happens.

So much crime that is reported by the media states, “There was no sign of a break-in.” Everyone assumes, therefore, that it was not a stranger. Few think about how many people had a key.

Help prevent crime, and change your locks regularly. Talk to your neighbors about upgrading their own locks as well. We are here for you around the clock.