When you lock the keys in the car you know to call a locksmith in Vancouver.  Well there are many services that a business could use a locksmith for as well if they realized that a locksmith performed those services. Many business owners know that if they need new door locks the locksmith will come and install them. But there are many more things a trusted locksmith Vancouver can do for a commercial business that help with security and can even save the business owner money in the long run.

What do you do if you run a business and you lose the key to the filing cabinet? No, you do not have to break the cabinet, get the stuff out and buy a new cabinet with key. You simply call your trusted locksmith and he will happily make a key for you.  Maybe you would like to offer a key to some employees but for safety’s sake you prefer your key not be able to be duplicated. Yes a locksmith can create a key that can not be duplicated at the local hardware store. Of course the locksmith in Vancouver can also change, re-key and repair locks and security systems as well.

Did you know that a locksmith can often repair or install buzzers and intercom systems? Many people believe a locksmith starts and ends his job with a door lock but that is not always the case. Many commercial locksmith in Vancouver are able to do tasks that go way above and beyond simple door locks. Intercom and buzzers are another form of security and locksmiths are security professionals. So the next time you need work done at your business, stop and ask yourself if it is something that your trusted reputable locksmith does as a part of his job.

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