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Commercial Door Repair Service Wellesley



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We understand the unique needs of your office. Each office has different requirements of security. We strive to be fast responsive while not compromising the needed security of your office. Actually, offices use different kind of locks. We have the profile cylinder locks installation and repair services, we have maintenance service; for mortise locks and we have also burglary damage repair services, if needed.


Commercial Door Repair Service Wellesley

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Commercial doors automatically opening are powered open and closed either by electricity, spring, or both. There are several methods by which an automatically opening door is activated. A sensor detects traffic is approaching. Sensors for automatic doors are generally a pressure sensor – for example a floor mat which reacts to the pressure of someone standing on it; an infrared curtain or beam which shines invisible light onto sensors; if someone or something blocks the beam the door is triggered open. it can also be a motion sensor which uses low-power microwave radar for the same effect. Or it can be a remote sensor (based on infrared or radio waves) can be triggered by a portable remote control, or  installed inside a vehicle.

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Activation sensors that automatically open doors come with safety sensors. These are usually an infrared curtain or beam, but can be a pressure mat fitted on the swing side of the door. The purpose of the safety sensor is to prevent the door from colliding with an object in its path by stopping or slowing its motion. A mechanism is set in to ensure that door will be in open state in case of power failure. We understand the mechanics of the automatic doors and our team is made of specially trained staff; ready to tackle any issue with your door. We have mobile units always ready to come to your help. Call us now!

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