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Commercial Door Repair Service Stratford has fast teams arriving with mobile shops to provide the job you need. Our Commercial Door Repair Service Stratford will help you with any door problem, solving it on site with fast and reliable work, at any time you need us. Commercial Door Repair Service Stratford has day and night availability, coming to your side as fast as 20 minutes from your call. Call us for help 24/7!



Commercial Door Repair Service Stratford



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We are fast and available 24/7 thanks to our  mobile shops; fully equipped with everything needed to help you. We have the products, staff, and professional experience to help you install the perfect door for your location. For inquiries or further assistance, feel free to contact us. 


Commercial Door Repair Service Stratford


Call Us For Help At (226) 647-3713

There are a variety of types of commercial doors available, with different fire ratings and made from different materials. The door assembly may also include doorframes; hinges, smoke or gas seals, hardware and glazing. Different styles of doors are available, which can either match the interior décor or stand out; so they’re easy to notice in an emergency. Once the door installation is complete and the door set is fully operational we will also provide some maintenance tips.

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Before starting a commercial door installation, we check that all hardware and fixings are on hand to be able to complete the job. Once the pre-checks are complete, measure the reveal height, and width; to check if the doors will fit into the opening. If you do it yourself, do not use the old ones for reference, as they may not have been fitted correctly in the first place.  Always scribe the door to the frame and never rely on guesswork. Removing too much material from any one part of the perimeter of the door can dramatically weaken it and make it redundant.

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Commercial doors are considered an important part of a passive protection system; and along with being a smart safety feature, they are also required by local, state, national and international building codes. Guidelines are based on the application of the commercial space and the maximum number of occupants within the building. We can help your company find the doors that are right for your building and budget.

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