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Commercial Door Repair Service Cambridge



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Doors for commercial use have to be secure, durable and look professional. Wood is a natural choice for many offices and facilities because of its elegant look, efficiency, durability; versatility, and ability to reduce noise and resist flames. This versatile material is often the best choice for interior doors.


Commercial Door Repair Service Cambridge


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Choosing the right doors for a business or institution is not as easy as it seems. If you’re considering a secure commercial installment, there are a few factors to take into account. Commercial wood doors have multiple layers. High-quality doors have a solid core made from solid lumber. Other solid core models have a center layer is from wood byproducts or mineral core; that is then covered by a solid wood layer. In most models, the solid core or solid wood layer has a cover of  thin sheets of laminate;  or veneer that come in a wide range of wood finishes.

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Available to answer all your calls for help day and night, regardless of when you place your call to our dispatch center. To ensure that the door receives the proper maintenance and still provides the proper protection; these doors must be inspected yearly. Follow the recommended maintenance and repair schedule. The need for replacement will depend on the wear and tear that it experiences over the time.

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Some companies have interior fire doors; that typically remain open between departments during the normal business hours; but they will automatically close in the event of an emergency. If the door is not equipped with an automatic closing device, do not prop it open. While it can be convenient to put a wedge in to keep a fire door open; creating an easy exit or to let in a breeze, an open door can defeat its fire-protection capabilities. 

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