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Brechin Car Key Replacement Company has best equipment to cut any kind of key and with the most advanced machine. Our Brechin Car Key Replacement Company has the special training and the electronic equipment necessary to produce replacement or duplicate car keys. Brechin Car Key Replacement Company comes to you as this work can be performed at your location. Call for us any time – we are here right now!


Brechin Car Key Replacement Company



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Car key duplication and lock servicing requires more special skill, training and equipment than ever before; and this is where our help comes in. We have best training the modern equipment, together with all up to date locksmith tools; and computer programming software to make you a new key for your vehicle; doors and ignition switch. Call us 24/7!

Brechin Car Key Replacement Company

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Most modern cars have a transponder car key as part of security packages that are now an integral part of the car. These transponder car keys are often presented with a key fob that is also programmed to help maintain your car’s security; but also offers some convenience. For example, these allow you to turn off an alarm that may have been triggered in your car; simply from a loud stereo bumping by. Being able to simply point and push in these circumstances is invaluable; especially when you are ready to drive and have no time to loose.

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Transponder technology has been used for many years, and is still used today. The miniaturization of electronics now allows a transponder to be placed in the head of your car key; this transponder transmits a specific code that is received by a receiver;  in the dashboard of your car, if they match, you can start your car. If you lost or damaged your transponder key, call us to make and reprogram a new one for you. The newer transponder or chip key technologies makes getting a duplicate key to your car; expensive and in some cases very challenging. 

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Brechin Car Key Replacement Company has the latest computer technology to provide precise and damage free services; such as chip key and transponder key programming, ignition keys and remote keys replacement; roadside assistance, auto repair, 24-hour locksmith emergency services, key cutting; master key options, pick a lock car locksmith, spare keys, car keys cut; locked keys in car solutions and much more. We program new keys on the spot.

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