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Best Door Repair Company Barrie



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Repairing a door is it not an easy task . Doors are heavy and require special tools and knowledge to deal with them. We are here day and night, so you can call us for help all of the 24/7. If you want to take a look at door yourself, be sure to examine the wood itself. If it has become fragmented, broken, cracked or weakened in any way; you may need to replace the door. If you have a storm door, check also the integrity of it. Hinges, door jambs and frames are among some of the problems a door can have. Call for our team to come and repair, replace or install a new door for you at any time.



Best Door Repair Company Barrie



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A great way to keep your temperature stable inside your property, is to tighten loose hinges. Ever had the your front or back door not closing properly, lock set bolt not lining up; or a door that cannot close at all? Maybe the exterior door hinges need tightening. However, sometimes this is easier said than done. Most exterior door frames are about one inch thick, mounted against two by four, or six-inch studs; which should allow a significant depth of wood for the hinge screws to penetrate, and hold to.

Hinge screws loosen over time, either by corrosion, or wear on the attachment wood. When this happens, it is usually best to consider an upgrade in the size of the replacement screw. Consider a replacement screw which is a little wider, and longer than the previous screw which failed.  Often, a screw long enough to penetrate the door jamb’s backing stud is a quick and long-lasting repair. Keep in mind that we are always around when you need help, so call us right now!

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You can improve your storm door functionality by installing a storm door sweep. A storm door sweep is a panel at the base of your door; that keeps air flow from entering or escaping the building; and also keeps out bugs and pests. This unit is pretty standard on all types of doors, the thickness of it will determine; what size of replacement you are going to need. The bottom of most modern doors has slots built into them, so that the old sweep can simply be pulled off; and the new one slipped on in its place. Some alterations may need to be done for older doors, such as having to take the door off the hinges; and removing the old sweep before nailing a new one into place.

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