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Ashburn Best Garage Door Repair Company has trained technicians at hand, ready to come and repair or replace any part on  garage door. Our Ashburn Best Garage Door Repair Company is advising home owners against replacing garage door parts on their own. Ashburn Best Garage Door Repair Company has fast arriving teams at you place, being only 20 minutes apart from providing you with the service you need. Call us for help 24/7!



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It is best if you get a licensed garage door technician to replace or repair any garage door part. A torsion springs is twisted, and always under tension, and releasing one end of the spring; even when it is damaged, can cause it to unwind violently. You do not want to be close if this happens, because the amount of energy released can seriously injure you. It is not that you cannot do the replacement, it is just that, without the proper tools and know-how, it is very dangerous.  If you have to replace your torsion spring, call for our service. Call us 24/7!


Ashburn Best Garage Door Repair Company


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You should never try to replace one of these yourself. It is under a huge amount of tension, even when it does not function; and if it should unwind suddenly, the impact could be fatal. Given that replacement is a job for a pro, you will have to hire our expert team; and you can be sure to never be overcharged. There are two kinds of springs on a typical garage door. The extension springs, which are usually attached between the door; and the horizontal track or the ceiling, extend when the door is closed ;and provide some of the force needed to open it. 

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The torsion spring, which is usually located just above the door opening; also provides some of the energy needed to open the door, but it functions by twisting; not by extending. If one of the extension springs is not working anymore, you can usually replace that yourself. When the door is completely open, there is little force on the spring; and you can simply unbolt the two ends with a wrench. Installation of the replacement spring is a straight forward reversal of this procedure; and is easy to accomplish when the door is open. You can buy extension springs and all the hardware needed; to install them at your hardware store. 

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Ashburn Best Garage Door Repair Company knows how to deal with any garage door and its parts, mechanical or electrical. To remove the damaged torsion spring, it must first release tension by unwinding; it with a proper winding bar, and after installing the replacement, you have to wind it again. We know how to do it, and we have the proper training, tools and experience.

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