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24 Hour Locksmith New Hamburg Fleet

24 Hour Locksmith New Hamburg Fleet

Call our team if you need any door information or if you need help with any lock and key at any kind of door.  Doors are quite an old invention, and we would like to share some of our favorite interesting facts about doors and locks. This facts regard residential and commercial doors. 

Doors are part of our everyday lives; we open, close and pass through them with very little thought. However, there is a large history about doors that many people don’t know; and we want to bring you some information about them.

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Most ancient doors are thought to originate in Egypt. These ancient doors were extremely simple, made from a thin slab of wood and rustic hinges. Ancient Egyptians created an early version of the popular pin tumbler locks found in most deadbolt locks; about 4,000 years ago. However, the deadbolt lock didn’t really become popular until Linus Yale, Jr. patented this lock type that opened with a small, flat key.

Archaeologists believe they discovered Europe’s oldest door in Switzerland. Very large doors in many cathedrals take a long time and numerous people to open and close. To allow people to enter and exit more easily; a smaller door called a wicket door was installed within the large one.

The door and locksmith industry started to really grow during the Industrial Revolution; because citizens were having more personal wealth. First automated doors were used for a temple; and can open using counter-balanced steam-powered weights.

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