24 Hour Locksmith Burlington Service

24 Hour Locksmith Burlington Service can and will install an alarm system or a camera on your property, no matter when you call us. Pick up the phone and call our 24 Hour Locksmith Burlington Service for a fast response of 15-20 minutes. Call 24 Hour Locksmith Burlington Service at any time, 24/7!

24 Hour Locksmith Burlington Service

24 Hour Locksmith Burlington Service

What does everyone do when you suddenly hear a piercing high pitch shriek of a siren coming from an alarm?  We all look to see where that noise is coming from and if it hopefully stops soon. Alarms, detect unwanted intruders and to alert us all that something is very wrong and that is exactly what they do!

We understand the importance of these much-needed systems. Alarms have come a long way and we have sleek designs; that fit onto buildings with shiny key pads and discreet sensors. You have the choice of a wireless system where you do not need any cables; hybrid alarms which are a mix of cable/wireless; and hardwired alarms that are fully cabled and provide the most scope of expansion.

Call us to install one system for you!

Most alarm systems can be integrated with a CCTV system; which is an added bonus and if you connect it to a phone line you can monitor it by an external source. PIR’s motion sensor are the most popular sensor in use; which detects body heat and movement and the gentle opening of a window latch. 

There are also motion sensors which a pet sensitive. We recommend to install a sensor in every room aside from rooms which have no external access; like a board room for instance or maybe a bathroom.

We also take care of safes. Safes prevent the loss of all sorts of valuables. There are on the market quite a lot of different kinds and types. They prevent the theft of contents within the safe. This type of safe generally provides basic fire protection, but is not really suitable for documentation and data storage. In most cases this type of safe should be able to be bolted to the floor.

No matter what kind of alarm or safety system you are using, call 24 Hour Locksmith Burlington Service to help when you need to open a safe, or repair/replace your alarm system. We work 24/7!