24 Hour Locksmith Burlington Door Help

24 Hour Locksmith Burlington Door Help has all types of locks handy, ready to come to your place and install them in minutes. Our 24 Hour Locksmith Burlington Door Help also offer affordable services. all 24 Hour Locksmith Burlington Door Help for a fast 15-20 minutes arrival to service your doors and locks. We work all 24/7, so call us today!

24 Hour Locksmith Burlington Door Help

24 Hour Locksmith Burlington Door Help

Our teams are here for you to install any kind of lock on your doors. Deadbolts are locking mechanisms that extend or retract a bolt based on the turning of a key. They do not work with springs, rather the bolt itself extends into a strike plate on the door frame.

Single Cylinder Deadbolts are the most commonly found deadbolts on the market. They require a key to be used in the exterior door that retracts the deadbolt from the door jamb, which disengages the lock.

We provide many types of locks, so call us today!

Double Cylinder Deadbolts have keyed cylinders on both sides. They provide more security than single security deadbolts. They are also fire exit hazards, and are not allowed to be used inside homes in areas that consider them a flagrant violation of building codes. 

One-sided, outside trim deadbolts are often in use in the back doors of homes, restaurants; or small businesses where that door is never open from the outside only on the inside. They have plates on the outside that cover any exposed parts of the door to prevent access. They are not commonly in use in residential doors; as home owners often want to be able to fully access their own back doors.

One sided deadbolts with zero outside trim are identical to the ones above; however the outside of the door won’t show any sign of being attach to a deadbolt. These doors provide the appearance of a knob lock with no real knob lock application on the inside, or simply a blank surface. They are a good home security choice as they keep the fact that there’s a deadbolt secret from the burglar; which will ideally discourage them.

When in need of increase security of your home, call 24 Hour Locksmith Burlington Door Help. Our teams will arrive in 20 minutes and will take care of all locksmith problems you have.