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At times, people lock out their cars with keys inside or forget their house keys where they have kept. In such a scenario when there is no availability of any duplicate or secondary car keys or house keys and you do not know what to do, emergency Locksmith Ottawa may help you out. These emergency services offer 24 hr locksmith services and guarantees a response time of 25 minutes from the moment a call has been made to our customer service representative. These services are open for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So, any person who needs the services of emergency locksmith Ottawa can get our number from our website or search through local page directories. Our emergency technicians are professional and trained people who offer a range of locksmith services that include car lockout, home lockout, changing, installation and repairing of all existing door locks, accessories, hardware and emergency opening of jammed doors and other locking systems, installing new locks and deadbolts, re-keying existing locks. Locksmith in Ottawa have state of the art advanced computerized systems that enables us to pass the request on to the nearest branch office or technician to attend the customer.

Our technicians trained, skilled and experienced professionals who get training for duplication of keys, breaking inaccessible or lost key locks, making new ignition keys, extraction of broken keys, replacing of all types of automotive locks. Our services also include installation of advanced security systems at homes, industrial units, retail shops, commercial establishments and automobiles. Apart from the above mentioned services, our training also includes electronic servicing of the locking systems and installation of intruder alarm systems that can be modelled and remodelled on the basis of customer needs and requirements.

Since factories, industries and retail stores have different and higher requirements of security systems and services, commercial locksmith Ottawa offer installation and repairing to keyless access control systems, handle re-keying, repairing and master key making, handle locks and changing of ordinary locking system to high security systems for cabinets, cupboards and other storage areas. For offices and other places where more advanced security systems are required, installations such as comprehensive conventional mechanical keyed locks or keyless access entry systems like fingerprint access, biometrics, swipe cards or number access systems are used. These advanced locking systems helps in stopping unwanted intrusion to important areas.

Locksmith Ottawa offer the best emergency locksmith automotive service that includes repairing and installing of ignitions, any re-keying or duplicating of car keys, broken car and truck keys removed from trunks, replacement and repair of car locks, doors, ignitions and much more. The main highlight of their service offering is that we give 2 years warranty for the labor work performed.


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