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Urgent Hamilton Locksmith

Urgent Hamilton Locksmith

 When installing a storm door, first measure the frame. Whether you’re planning to buy glass storm doors, insulated storm doors; or basic storm doors, you need to measure before you buy. Take the width of the existing storm door frame in three spots: the top, the middle, and the bottom. Then measure the height of the storm door frame. Record all these measurements from the inside of the door frame.

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Over time, most homes settle, shifting by small increments here and there; particularly at corners such as door frames. Use your measurements to create a custom door that will fit exactly. If you are purchasing an off-the-shelf replacement storm door, you will need to decide on your door’s swing; it may open to the right or to the left, and in or out. Place the door on an elevated surface, such as an outdoor worktable or two sawhorses. Secure the hinges with screws on the correct side for your swing. 

Prop up the door in the opening to make sure it fits. Follow the door manufacturer’s instructions and shim the door as needed. Keep the door closed and secure the hinges tightly with screws. Secure the Z bar, as well, following the provided directions for accommodating any needed gaps and screws. Then locate the channels and slide the plastic storm door sweep through them; crimp closed and remove any excess, then reattach to the door. Attach securely with screws.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions to attach hardware, including drilling holes and leveling the hardware. Assemble the latch and dead bolt, if using, as well as the strike plate and shim. Adjust the opening and closing as needed, and follow directions to attach the doorjamb bracket and closer.

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