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Minute Locksmith North York has expert teams on standby to answer all your calls and come to your help. Our Minute Locksmith North York offers fast problem solving process regarding any door or lock issue you are having. Minute Locksmith North York is open 24/7, daily, no matter if this is a weekend or a holiday. Call us for help 24/7!



Minute Locksmith North York



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We use the most advanced technology; and best tools and techniques at the most competitive prices in the area.  All of our locksmith technicians are equipped to complete the job; quickly, professionally and right there on site!  Our team makes sure that we can arrive to any address as fast as 20 minutes and solve the problem at hand.  We offer a full range of products and services.


Minute Locksmith North York


Call Us For Help At (647) 812-6546

You never know when you are going to be faced with a major door or lock crisis. Our bonded and insured locksmith technicians are on-call and ready; to service our customers with key extraction issues; or any other door, lock, or key issue when they need it the most. Our commercial locksmith and home locksmith solutions include emergency lockout services. No matter what assistance you require; from home surveillance to safe or security locksmith services, our team will help. Our team is the top locksmith business in the area, and it is because we put the client first. Along with our 24 hour a day, 7 days a week assistance, we also take all of our operations to your front door.

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If you have any need for a locksmith, here in the area or even a couple minutes away; just give us a call and we will take care of your lock problems right away. No matter what type of locksmith services you need, for your home, your auto, or your business; we are here with our experts standing by to assist you. Our team will get the job done for you quickly, with our crew of locksmiths; who will answer your call and address your exact issues. You do not have to look anywhere else for best locksmith services. 

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Minute Locksmith North York has your convenience, protection, and peace of mind as our number one concern; and with our unparalleled standards of excellence and attention to detail; you can be confident that you’ll get the best work for the best price. Our team of locksmith professionals are available to come and give you more information on all systems; or help install them on your property. Regardless of whether you have one office or different structures, we can plan a cutting-edge framework; to address your issues, replacing obsolete keys with programmable cards and get to codes. Using a cell phone, you can track who goes in and out, confine access to specific regions; and program lock changes from anyplace. The capacity to control your building’s security has never been less demanding or more moderate.

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